Although is about stars and planets and moons and such, it’s not an “astronomy” website in the usual sense. is devoted to learning about our place in the universe.  “Where do I fit in?”  We are not isolated individuals on a lonely planet.

To quote Lynne McTaggart from her appearance in the independent film “What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole”

“Science created the stories that we live by, and science has told us a very bleak story.  It’s said that we are outside of our Universe, that we’re alone, that we’re separate, and that we’re this sort of lonely mistake on a lonely planet, in a lonely Universe.  And that informs our view of the world, it informs our view of ourselves.

“And we’re now realizing that that paradigm is wrong, that we aren’t separate.  We are all one.  We are all together.  At the very nether most element of our being we are connected.” 

This is by no means a rejection of the scientific method or all of the incredible contributions that science has made in the last 400 years.  It speaks to the unquestioned basics stemming from Descartes, Newton, and others in the 17th century who saw everything as separate from one another, that anything could be separated into it’s parts, examined, repaired or replaced, and put back together.

Quantum Mechanics, the “New Physics” has been affirming what Eastern mystics have been saying for centuries; that we are all connected, that everything exists only in relationship to everything else.

By exploring “Our Place in Space” we not only learn how our planet relates to the moon, sun and other planets, but we come to realize that we’re all a part of this dance, we’ve come along for the ride.

In my quest to learn more about the ever changing night sky, I found my place in this extremely gigantic universe, and learned that I am, indeed, an integral (and very important) part of a very, very vast and magnificent whole.

And that's when my life changed.