How fast are we really moving?

Even when we are laying “absolutely still” on the beach on a beautiful tropical island near the Earth’s equator working on our tan and finally “slowing down” from the hectic pace of our lives at home we are moving.  Boy, are we ever moving.

But the thing about velocity, the speed that we are moving through space, is that when it is constant we don’t feel the movement.  If you’re riding in a car, train, or airplane and you close your eyes, you don’t experience any sense of movement.  If you’re flying in a plane at 35,000 feet and look out the window, you don’t really feel a sense of movement, even at 600 miles per hour (mph).  However if you’re riding in a car at 60 mph and look out the side window, it’s very clear that you are moving.  But you don’t FEEL the movement.

We do feel acceleration, however.  Acceleration is an INCREASE in velocity.  When we step on the gas we are pushed back into the seat.  When an astronaut takes off from Earth in a Space Shuttle, they REALLY feel the pressure.

So, we’re sitting on the tropical beach and we’re absolutely still.  How fast are we moving relative to a still point in space?

The other selections to the right, like "Moon's Velocity", etc. will show you that:

1- We’re spinning around the Earth at 1,000+ mph

2- The Earth is traveling around the Sun at 67,000 mph

3- The Sun and the entire Solar System, including us, is traveling around the Milky Way at 450,000 mph.

So the next time someone tells you to just sit still for a while and relax, you can tell them that that is really quite impossible.  We’re all moving through space at almost half a million miles an hour all the time.  How is a body to get any rest at all?

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Oh, by the way, I've confirmed my calculations with other sources.