Welcome to Light-Years.net

In Getting to know your neighborhood you will discover that the more you learn about the Moon, the planets, the Universe the more your view of your world and your relationship to it and the entire Universe will change.  Both your inner world and the outer physical world.  I promise.

Light-Years.net is a site that I am creating to share some of the amazing things about this universe of which you and I are a very tiny, very important part.  After all, if either you or I were not here, it would be an entirely different universe.

You'll begin to get some sense of how planets and stars compare in size and how incredibly far apart things are.  (see "Scale")

You'll learn how fast things (including you and I) are actually moving through space – even when we think we're standing still. (see "Space Math")

You can view and download some unbelievably beautiful pictures of things in space.  You can even make screen savers or desktop images with them. (see "NASA Pictures")

There is even a page of great movies about space and astronomy, view tons of fantastic space pictures, and learn a whole lot more. (see "Great Links")

One of my talents is that I can take rather complex ideas and concepts and make them easier to understand.

As Light-Years.net continues to grow I will be sharing with you some pretty incredible things that I've been learning.

The universe is inconceivably huge and contains literally everything that exists, but that doesn't mean that we can't learn some great things about it and how we each fit into it.

Cruise around the site, enjoy, see what interests you, and if you'd like you can email me your thoughts, questions, or even corrections if you'd like.


     Loren Gramlich, Grass Valley, California, USA

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